About Peg


Who I am:

A young woman diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADD. I was told bipolar 2 at one point in my teens but I don’t believe this was accurate. Certainly now that I am an adult the greatest trouble is depression. This can include a great deal of pessimism, lack of motivation or any drive, trouble coping with fear, shame and many times falling into deep apathy. I’ve started to “shut down” a couple times in the past few years and was hospitalized twice for a few months each time.

Who I am not:

I do not have an inciting traumatic event that has led me to my current state of mind. I do not have past or present experience with substance abuse. I do not entertain thoughts of suicide or self-harm. I am not placing a judgment on anyone who has had any of those issues, nor am I claiming any superior status in regards to what I have experienced.

I am also:

A whole person with varied tastes, hobbies, a sense of humour and a fondness for cats.

I am also not:

An authority in the fields of medicine and psychology.