it was in the sky
it was in the stars

it was in my heart
and there it shone


but at times it faltered
at times it broke my heart

that breaking that is sweet
and treasured

that kind of breaking
that I run to

with open arms
again and again

how have you caught me,
spoken to my very core?

how have you created this moment,
both brutal and beautiful?

is there any way to bear it,
when it is here?

is there any way to bear it,
when it is gone?


Transition in 3 Breaths


I am a body with no buoyancy
sinking in an ocean
the darkest saline solution

splinters of light
chance zigzags
hope in fading gradient

I am waiting to feel the bottom
to rest in the silt
the deepest sandy sediment



I am a fool in my reverie
thinking the ocean empty
the oldest seat of evolution

splatters of life
causal zigzags
time in spiraling ratio

I had forgotten to feel the current
to rest in the flow
the purest tidal movement



I am a being with no certainty
drinking in an emotion
the sweetest form of resolution

fragments of ice
clear zigzags
focus in rising tempo

I am starting to feel the difference
to rest in the now
the freest mind environment

What time is it?

I wonder if it ever makes a difference

Those twenty-four arbitrary wedges

Worldwide we are simultaneous

One stone skipping the waves

But someone added borders

Because they say time is light

Time is the sun


But the dark is not timeless

In more ways than one

So I start to wonder

If nothing were perceived

If nothing ever changed

Would there still be time?

I can’t help but think so


Time is a constant

It is invisible weather

Just as rain can fall unseen

It subsists without observers

It is the ultimate movement

But we try to pin it down

Does time care what it is?


I am not broken

We are not broken

Not a one

There is no perfect

No one so whole

But we have all felt broken

Or if not all

So many


Are we not the norm?

Do we not set the trend?

Do we not shape the world?

And so

We are not broken


Something is broken

What is it?

It is the lens

It is the mirror

It is how we see each other

It is how we see ourselves

It is how I see myself

It is point of view

And we broke it

We held it

And listened when we were told to break it

Because generations before had done it

Because our parents had done it

Because everyone else had done it

So we did

And I did too

But something happened

The view tilted

To an awkward angle

For a moment I could see differently

I saw between the cracks

I could see us

I could see everyone

I could see myself



Now I try


This moment

To hold it in my mind

To always remember

The truth I learned

I am not broken

We are not broken

Not a one

Haiku Bundle

Sky Haiku

the blue in the sky
is really cold black space
lit up by the sun


Mind Haiku

stand with eyes open
open to the world today
look with mind open


Haiku haiku

Too many haikus
The world is thick with people
Trying too damn hard


the sense is silken

slipping by my fingertips

so I swipe the air


I never grab hold

I never grip firm

I never gain purchase


inside my skin

anchored to the ground

I am too warm

I am too heavy


receding from my shell

inside infinite space

becoming a restless wind

alighting from thought to thought

What Poem?

Just a little bit crazier today
please hide all combustibles and accelerants

I think I’m hearing pizza in sentences where it isn’t there
when the really weird stuff starts, I’ll let you know

Let’s keep this line in and see if anyone notices
this is getting schizophrenic at best

It was offensive enough to be funny
there’s a word for that, but it’s German

This will all come together in the post-production
It was rated G until I said fuck